Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be My Man

Lost in confusion u can neva understand, because the mumbo jumbo floating through my mind is not meant for u to comprehend. I can barely recognize the nots from the cans. Please don't ask any questions just be my man.

Hold me, kiss me, let me find comfort within your arms. Guide me, shield me, protect me from this world's evil harm. Lift me up, keep me there, give me that solitude that lies only in your hands. Please forget about the hows and whys just be my man.

Forgive me I'm bitchy and I really don't know why. Relax you did nothing, your not the reason for this cry. It's not over, I just need some me time. There's no way I could ever say goodbye. Trust when I say that you have done all that you can. Stop trying to transform from Clark Kent, and just be my man

Tonight as you lay between my thighs, while gazing into my eyes. Let me know that you love me allow our tongues to sing a sweet lullaby. Erasing away the day's who, what, when, and why. As our love release and excel far away from the grips of the depths of hell. I realize you make me all that I am. I appreciate and love the fact that you are MY man


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Gurl, he better recognize!