Friday, February 15, 2008

Letter From A Tortured Soul

Dear You,
For years I have set back and watched you. Silently at first but every now and then I would step in and whisper "that ain't right". Sometimes it seemed that you would listen because you would do a 360 on whatever crap that was cooking up. Look at you now. Sitting there contemplating on doing what. Don't you know that you are better than that. You used to be so happy so full of ambition. And it is not fair for you to say that it is all him. Yeah he didn't love you how he should, but did you ever love yourself how you should. People are bound to make mistakes, especially when it is not their feelings involved. But you allowed that. Don't you see that you should be more mad at yourself than him? What gives you the right to think that he HAS to give you unconditional love? What gives you the right to demand that from someone, but not require that of yourself. I don't know what else to tell you besides that you are beautiful and you can love yourself how you claim you want it. I want you to get off the floor, drop the razor blade, and wipe your eyes. Stand in the mirror and know that tomorrow is a new day. No matter how cold or rainy it is still beautiful because you are still breathing it. Relish in the funk of the smog, stand near the trash and inhale, go to the swamps and swim with the smut. Things that you despise or the things that the dead wish they had. Love you, for you and never let anyone else take that from you. I am always with you, because I am you. Your tears are mine, your pain I share. But we can also share happiness, and instead of tears when can feel the warmth of a smile. Appreciate me, for I am always with you even in death.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be My Man

Lost in confusion u can neva understand, because the mumbo jumbo floating through my mind is not meant for u to comprehend. I can barely recognize the nots from the cans. Please don't ask any questions just be my man.

Hold me, kiss me, let me find comfort within your arms. Guide me, shield me, protect me from this world's evil harm. Lift me up, keep me there, give me that solitude that lies only in your hands. Please forget about the hows and whys just be my man.

Forgive me I'm bitchy and I really don't know why. Relax you did nothing, your not the reason for this cry. It's not over, I just need some me time. There's no way I could ever say goodbye. Trust when I say that you have done all that you can. Stop trying to transform from Clark Kent, and just be my man

Tonight as you lay between my thighs, while gazing into my eyes. Let me know that you love me allow our tongues to sing a sweet lullaby. Erasing away the day's who, what, when, and why. As our love release and excel far away from the grips of the depths of hell. I realize you make me all that I am. I appreciate and love the fact that you are MY man

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Colored Girrl Lost

I am a colored girrl lost in a world to big for me to understand
So naturally I go out and find myself a man
To think for me, speak for me, and show me who I am
But there's no lasting fullfillment leaving my life lying in his hands
Cause there a voice inside who makes me and she is ready to take her stand
And now so more than ever she realizes that she can
But he sees this as betrayal and confuses it with a power struggle
When it's neither of the two, my mind is just to great to smuggle, this voice you can not muzzle
However I fall back and correct it, there's no need for him to try and check it
And it's only so he won't forget, that it was he who introduced me to this. So called woman hood filled with sorrow and pain
Eyes once clear and rose colored, now tarnished with smog filled stains. So what sun does my soul stand to gain?
I am a colored girrl lost in a world small enough to stake my claim. For my personal testimony will not be one of shame. I can and will conquer all, and nothing for me will ever be the same.
I am a colored girrl found in a world were everyone will know my damn name!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Know That's Right

Girl my man just up and left me last nite
Said he found something hotter, more suitable to his like
Well child I didn't put up a fuss and I damn sho didn't fight
Cuz I 've known for a long time something wasn't right
But as the old folk say, "What's done in the dark, will surely come to light"
See girl I'm the one who sent her his way to get his ass up out of my life

Black America's Dream

I am sick and tired of chasing a dream that has turned into a nightmare
Here I am scramblin in corporate America stripped down to my under ware
And ain't this a bitch! They got holes all in em'
Momma would beat me good for letting Mr. Whitey see me in em'
Maybe he should look less at the holes in my draws to focus on the ones in my pockets
Cause I got kids to feed and we fighting to survive
There no way in hell we can make it on 5.75.
An hour?
Damn I'm only making a lil over 40 dollars a day
But that damn Uncle Sam has raised urban rent prices
So how in the hell can I pay?
When ya'll thought this neighborhood was done
It was me and other brown faces raised here struggling to not become
One of your statistics, or lab rats to throw in jails or welfare lines
Can you really blame my brother for coppin a gun
All those days watching moms posted at the window praying the mailman would come
And if he gets caught in the dark, then his ass better run
Cause once they catch him, what's done is done
Now the media is spinning it as an outrage
"Something must be done about this neighborhood"
We been screaming that for years and now you come with your so called brilliant ideas
To turn my neighborhood good
Get yo ass out of here, we don't trust or believe you
And you damn right I'm biting the hand that's "suppose" to feed me
Cause you've been poisoning me for way to long