Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Colored Girrl Lost

I am a colored girrl lost in a world to big for me to understand
So naturally I go out and find myself a man
To think for me, speak for me, and show me who I am
But there's no lasting fullfillment leaving my life lying in his hands
Cause there a voice inside who makes me and she is ready to take her stand
And now so more than ever she realizes that she can
But he sees this as betrayal and confuses it with a power struggle
When it's neither of the two, my mind is just to great to smuggle, this voice you can not muzzle
However I fall back and correct it, there's no need for him to try and check it
And it's only so he won't forget, that it was he who introduced me to this. So called woman hood filled with sorrow and pain
Eyes once clear and rose colored, now tarnished with smog filled stains. So what sun does my soul stand to gain?
I am a colored girrl lost in a world small enough to stake my claim. For my personal testimony will not be one of shame. I can and will conquer all, and nothing for me will ever be the same.
I am a colored girrl found in a world were everyone will know my damn name!!!


Don said...

It doesn't seem like you are lost to me.

Anonymous said...

You gave birth to this world, and THAT is the sun to be found. Whether they know your name or not, they (we) owe ALL to you.

Nice write.

Opinionated Diva said...

Love the coming of age feel to it.

I think all of us look at life with those rose colored shades when we are young an innocent and naive enough to think we need someone to validate what we already know about ourself.

I loved miss thang learning in the end that her experiences (good or bad) and the lessons learned is all she needs to conquer her future.

I agree with Sojourner...very nice write.

Still_Pocahontaz said...


WrkNProgress said...

I love this blog. Beautiful, I will definitely be back.

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful and powerful lady!